Lobbying Service

We bring a simple philosophy to our client work - top notch service for a below market price. We do this by focusing on our core competencies and not over promising and over charging clients. Whether the issues are related to House or Senate Leadership or conservative grassroots, we understand the inside-outside game better than most. 


We work with media outlets to develop a clear, simple message that not only sticks in the minds of listeners but wins the argument and advances good policy and / or stops bad policy. By leveraging social and conservative media with outreach to Washington Hill rags, we can do, for a reasonable price, what some PR shops do for millions. 


By knowing and understanding the movement, we bring credibility and know-how to engage through basic grassroots in a way that is genuine and impactful. We do this by having strong relationships with movement leaders and laying out fact-based arguments that help them wisely decide when and how to engage.